Total Understanding of your needs & confidence in your fueling

That’s what this program is about. That’s what you’ll learn over 8 live teaching calls.

True nutrition freedom & performance fueling power. It’s not about the gimmicks. It’s not about the “what do I have to give up?” It’s about knowing that one hiccup in the plan won’t derail your success.

It’s being able to confidently rely on the work you’ve put in, because you know it was building you from the ground up.

Consistent success in your daily & performance fueling takes more than meal plans and removal.
It takes understanding & willingness to do the baseline work.

Imagine this:

  • You instinctively know how to fuel every day for the work you are asking your body to do.
  • You are perfectly prepped to design your training & event-specific fueling plan.
  • You’re hydrated & rested & dialed in with food & lifestyle tactics to support your adventures.

I’m going to talk you through what it takes to be successful today and every day.

This is the space where you learn. You establish your knowledge. You understand how your body works and what nutrition does. And how you utilize it to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.

I’m teaching you all of it.
The whole thing, step by step, over 8 live calls.
  1. Building awareness & mind-body connection
  2. Energy needs & meal composition
  3. Snack composition
  4. Hydration & electrolyte support
  5. Rest, recovery, & circadian rhythm support
  6. Meal timing
  7. Performance fueling
  8. Food quality & micronutrient focus

These 8 teaching calls are LIVE so you can interact and ask all your burning questions.

Can’t make the lives? No problem. All the calls are recorded AND you can still ask questions that I will answer ASAP. You also have access to the calls for a month after the program ends, so you can go back and dive in again if you need to.

With each module, you will also get PDF downloads that are yours to keep forever. There are carefully planned assignments for each module to set you up for immediate integration and thus success! 

Because when it all comes together, you get true confidence in knowing how to fuel your active life.

We start 9/22.

All The Deets


This program is for you if you are an adult & move your body with purpose (because that makes you an athlete)!

It’s for you if you’re ready for real nutrition strategies to build lifetime foundations – not macro counting or short-term gimmicks.

It’s for you if you want to improve your nutrition for health & performance in an instinctive & no BS way.


  • Group coaching program

  • 8 teaching calls

  • 1 group Q and A call

  • Exclusive resources that are yours to download and keep forever

  • Assignments to help you integrate everything you learn along the way

When & Where

We start 9/22/21.

All calls will happen in a private FB community, and call times will vary so that everyone (regardless of time zone) gets a chance to catch one live!

Don’t sweat – all calls are recorded & saved so you can catch up when it’s best for you.


Because you don’t start building your house with the windows! You start with a strong foundations.

Learn how to improve your health & performance with these foundational skills.

Understand how to build hydration & fueling plans for training & performance.

Level up your training & performance.

This is literally everything you need to put down your lifetime nutrition foundations. This is the launchpad from which you can build anything for any goal, forever.

$999 early bird pricing for the complete program until 9/9 at 1pm EST.

*Final price is $1,111 after 9/9 at 1pm EST


This is a lump sum payment.

Do you move your body with purpose? Then you’re an athlete, friend! And you should fuel like one.

Whether you’re tackling a once-in-a-lifetime race or just getting started on your journey, these foundational skills are what you’ll need for every step along the way — and for every new adventure to come.


If you need more support, I will be offering a limited number of a 1:1 access option through Voxer. It’s like having a coach in your pocket 24/7. I will share details on this with those who join the program and feel aligned.

Weight loss is not the goal of this program. Nutrition isn’t about weight – it is about fueling & supporting your body. Weight loss can sometimes be a side effect of learning to properly support your body & performance needs.

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