See what yfd nutrition coaching clients have to say

"I don't know where to begin! Kirsten is the BEST resource for learning about the what, where, when, why, and how of living a healthier lifestyle. From your first introduction you will notice how attentive and detail-oriented she is. She asks thoughtful questions to determine the root of any problem you might have and takes the time to lay out a plan specific to your needs. She makes her clients feel important, and if I am experiencing any issues or challenges that could disrupt my plan, she dedicates the time to make the changes I need. I am so thankful to have Kirsten as a part of my healthy lifestyle team!"
Alex P

Tim’s experience with Nutrition Coaching

“I couldn’t have fixed all that stuff on my own, and I try not to even think about where I would be if I hadn’t raised my hand and reached out to you.”

Cara’s experience with Nutrition Coaching

“The program is sustainable, with small changes so you don’t even realize that all of a sudden you are on to the next level.”

Melba’s experience with Nutrition Coaching

“This is not difficult. This is not too time consuming. I am eating and enjoying food. Take the first step!”

Tori’s experience with Nutrition Coaching

“I kicked myself for not reaching out sooner. It was fun, I loved having a plan. I have been able to apply it to my everyday life and am much better off now. It has helped me in way more than just my running career.”

Katie’s experience with Nutrition Coaching

“It’s an investment in myself, and I needed that. You’re like a cheerleader and a life coach and a dietitian. You work for your clients, and to me that says everything.”

What Coaching Is All About:

  • 6 months or more of personalized nutrition guidance.
  • A 4-phased approach to get you to your longterm goal.
  • Telehealth coaching calls for actionable progress.
  • Accountability tracking & support. I’m right by your side.
  • Chat support between coaching calls.
  • Personalized programming to meet your nutrition goals.
  • A private community of individuals on the same path as you to supplement your personalized plan.


This takes work. You must be ready to commit to the time & consistency it takes to create the life you love & feel your best in this process. Your dedication & work ethic will drive your outcomes.

My program will equip you with the skills & tools you need to understand your nutritional needs. You’ll learn to love food for the way it makes you feel & how it nourishes your strong & capable body. Together we’ll work on your winning mindset & work to create lifelong results. Success comes from understanding and mastering now nutrition works for your needs.



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