High-impact support for your high-impact goals

1:1 Coaching - The Performance Protocol

This is our most in-depth program with personalized strategic solutions for your health and performance nutrition. We test, play detective, and put the puzzle pieces together to build your protocol.

Are you looking to support your active lifestyle & performance goals and your everyday activity & demands while living your busy life? Do you want to get to the bottom of nutrient needs, GI distress, exhaustion, and potential root causes hampering your performance & desire for a nourished life? Then let’s dive in. 

Starting at $3,000

What’s included:

  • Functional nutrition testing to know what we’re dealing with & how to best support your body
  • Personalized roadmap & nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle protocols to solve the puzzle that is you
  • 4 months to work through a proven four-phase coaching process to integrate the changes into your lifestyle
  • Up to two coaching calls a month
  • Direct messaging and voice messaging access to your coach between sessions

Functional Nutrition Testing

Does this resonate?

  • You’ve been told all of your labs are normal, but you feel like garbage.
  • You’ve just started to accept things as just being your new “reality,” and you’re just dealing with it.
  • You feel like there has to be something else going on.
  • You just know there just has to be something that would make it easier to reach your health & performance goals.

We use functional testing with our 1:1 clients to play nutrition detective & figure out what else might be the underlying issue or offer room for better system support.

Starting at $600

If you’re not looking for coaching right now but want to dig into the labs and find the root of what’s going on with your body, you can still get testing.

Choose from the following:

  • GI Map stool testing: what’s happening in the gut (the epicenter of everything)?
  • DUTCH urine & saliva hormone testing: what’s happening with your hormones & adrenals?
  • Intracellular & serum micronutrients: what’s happening with your vital nutrient building blocks (which affect all systems)?

After you complete the test(s), we’ll schedule a 30-minute call where we’ll review your results and give you a basic protocol recommendation.

Voxer Coaching

Voxer is an app that allows us to voice-text, message-text, and share files back and forth in real time.

In Voxer coaching, we support & mentor you in the integration process without having to have a structured schedule of sessions. It’s like having a dietitian in your pocket.

Instead of waiting for scheduled coaching calls, we have mentorship all the time!

It’s a way for us to stay connected & in each other’s worlds, and you’re getting real-time support with what you’re doing.

We only take a few people in Voxer at any given time.

This is for you if

  • You have a starting line/baseline understanding of nutrition. 
  • During the day you find yourself saying, ‘I wish I had a professional to bounce this off of.’
  • You need a health professional’s mind to support and mentor you through your nutrition needs in your daily life & performance.

What’s included:

  • I respond in Voxer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during business hours.
  • Voxer is a 3 month commitment.
  • You can pay monthly (3 monthly payments of $555/mo) or in full up front ($1333).

The Reframe

It’s not about removing things. It’s not about controlling your body. It’s not even about “eating clean.”

It’s about understanding what your body needs, coming at it from a place of support & nourishment, and learning how to meld it all with the realities of your life.

It’s about The Reframe of your entire approach.


This program is for the person who is

  • truly ready to finally understand nutrition & how to nourish the body
  • dreaming big dreams of performance, adventure, and a healthy active body until old age
  • longing for confidence in fueling today, tomorrow, and permanently
  • sick of starting over – only to be left with more confusion &  problems

30-minute One-Off Session

Just want 30 minutes on my calendar to ask your questions or figure out where to turn?  Schedule it yourself right here!

A one-off session is for you if you are looking for some basic guidance on where you should turn next/what you should tackle/target. This session can give you direction.

(For graduates of the 1:1 Performance Protocol, this can be a continuation coaching session.)



What this isn’t:

I can’t assess your needs, give you detailed nutrition guidance, or identify the gaps in your foundational support in this session.  This is not a coaching session – unless you have been a previous 1:1 client.


The Performance Protocol has the option 2 even split payments, 30 days apart. Voxer Coaching can be paid monthly. All other programs are paid in full because you get all of the juicy details right up front.

We don’t take insurance. We do have the ability to accept FSA or HSA cards, but that doesn’t automatically mean your card issuer will approve the charge. We recommend calling your card issuer and asking if they cover nutrition services.

If you move your body intentionally you are an athlete, and you should fuel like one! Whether you are training for an Ironman, gearing up for your first 5K, or tackling PRs in the gym, you are an athlete, my friend. We love working with a variety of different active adults to help support their bodies and training demands. 

If you need more support, we offer graduation program options to make sure you have everything you need until we decide you are ready to fly the coop. We can make that decision together closer to graduation, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back to see you through your nutrition journey. 

We take a holistic approach to nourishing the body and supporting performance and output. You ask a lot of your body every day; our goal is to support your body in taking on those demands. While body composition change can be a natural part of the journey as we best support your body, we don’t promote rapid weight loss or weight-only goals. We aim for sustainable goals and nourishment to support your body, health, and performance.