High-Impact Programs - to Support Your High-Impact Goals

You need actionable nutrition solutions.

You don’t need another meal plan (hellooo inbox-to-printer-to-recycling, no thanks). You don’t need a one-size-fits-none approach to fueling your life.
You don’t need complicated & non-sustainable.

You need solutions that address your unique needs.

And you need them to fit into your life instead of having to manipulate your life around them.

Nutrition works when...

  • You’re finally fueled instead of deprived
  • You align your intake to your life – not the other way around
  • You leave the bull**** in the headlines and focus on nourishing your body from the inside out

We help you do that, without gimmicks and without kale (unless you like kale…which I cannot understand, but I hear it happens).

We work with Action Takers, because we want to see you succeed.

You’ve probably been told that nutrition = removal, and we’re not about that life. We’re all about optimizing how your body uses what you give it, through functional nutrition & support for your active body.

We can help you get the solutions you want.


We’re a good fit if you …

  • are ready to make yourself a priority
  • are ready to invest in experts to guide you
  • believe in your ability to hit your goals
  • like #realtalk and an honest approach

Performance Protocol

This is our most in-depth personalized program with strategic solutions for your health and performance nutrition. This 4 month 1:1 coaching program kicks off with strategic functional nutrition testing to guide the customized coaching experience. 

Are you looking to support your active lifestyle & performance goals and your everyday activity & demands while living your busy life? Do you want to get to the bottom of nutrient needs, GI distress, exhaustion, and potential root causes hampering your performance & desire for a nourished life? Then let’s dive in. 

Starting at $3,000

What’s included:

  • Functional nutrition testing to know what we’re dealing with & how to best support your body
  • Personalized roadmap & nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle protocols to solve the puzzle that is you
  • 4 months to work through a proven four phase coaching process to integrate the changes into your lifestyle
  • Up to two coaching calls a month of 25 minutes each
  • Direct messaging and voice messaging access to your coach between sessions
  • Group chat access for support from other clients on the same journey

Half Day Coaching Intensive

This is a one-time coaching deep-dive for highly-motivated athletes and active individuals who already have a baseline of nutrition understanding. We’ll spend a few hours together, peeling back the layers & uncovering where you want to be and how to get you there.

This is for someone who’s already been digging into the sports nutrition and performance world and who is ready to dive even deeper with functional nutrition testing into what’s going on beneath the surface so we can create a high level performance protocol for you.

Starting at $1,800

What’s included:

  • 2-2.5 hour designated 1:1 session to work through your personal protocol 
  • Functional nutrition testing to know what we’re dealing with & how to best support your body
  • Full nutrition workup to do the detective work into your symptoms and what might be keeping you from reaching your health & performance goals
  • Full nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle protocol based on lab testing results for you to execute on your own 
  • Discount on pharmaceutical grade supplementation 

Tangible Nutrition Foundations

Our group empowerment program to build a strong foundation for all stages and challenges of your active life. Listen, you’ve gotta know once and for all how to fuel your body. Not how to diet. Not how to force your body to do something. Not how to manipulate your body. You need to know how to support it. We’ll teach you the foundations you need for a lifetime. We run this program several times throughout the year. 

Want in? The next round starts 9/22/21, so get in STAT!


What’s included:

  • 8 live group learning calls, with access to the recorded sessions for an entire month after completion (so you’ve got time to integrate 👊🏼 )
  • Evidence-based explanations of why this is what your body needs
  • Strategies to hit those foundational nutrition targets that your body needs to function at its best.
  • Supporting resources to make this process tangible
  • Guidance & expertise from me, in an interactive setting so you can ask your questions right then and there


These masterclasses are where we take a deep dive into a specific topic to get to the nitty gritty. Think everything from Micronutrients for Athletes to the Scoop on Poop: What Your Gut is Trying to Tell You!

Whether you’re a fellow practitioner who wants to dive deeper into a topic, or an athlete/active adult looking to learn, these classes are for you.

Next up: Micros 4 Athletes, 10/13/2021


Athlete Series Bundle (the next 3 Masterclasses), 10/13, 10/26, 11/5

$555 (save over $100)

What’s included:

  • Live Masterclass event with Q&A to answer your burning questions 
  • Access to presentation slides with all the deets
  • A copy of the Masterclass recording if you can’t make the live event

You Might Be Wondering...

Only the Performance Protocol has the option of a payment plan with the investment split into two even payments, 30 days apart. All other programs are paid in full because you get all of the juicy details right up front.

All payments are out of pocket. We do have the ability to accept FSA or HSA cards, but that doesn’t automatically mean your card issuer will approve the charge. We recommend calling your card issuer and asking if they cover nutrition services.

If you move your body intentionally you are an athlete, and you should fuel like one! Whether you are training for an Ironman, gearing up for your first 5K, or tackling PRs in the gym, you are an athlete, my friend. We love working with a variety of different active adults to help support their bodies and training demands. 

If you need more support, we offer graduation program options to make sure you have everything you need until we decide you are ready to fly the coop. We can make that decision together closer to graduation, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back to see you through your nutrition journey. 

We take a holistic approach to nourishing the body and supporting performance and output. You ask a lot of your body every day; our goal is to support your body in taking on those demands. While body composition change can be a natural part of the journey as we best support your body, we don’t promote rapid weight loss or weight-only goals. We aim for sustainable goals and nourishment to support your body, health, and performance.

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