You are a badass professional. You deserve to run a business that makes you feel like it.

No more cold DMs.

No more adding more and more 1:1 clients even though you’re burnt out and exhausted.

No more charging less than you’re worth.

Yes to more impact, more income, more boundaries & more putting your own energy first.

I didn’t build a multiple 6-figure business by building someone else’s vision of a business. I did it by creating exactly what felt right and gave me the life I wanted.

I’m not going to give you my magic formula – I’m going to help you find yours. Because your knowledge matters. Your experience is valuable, and you deserve to be paid your worth. And you can do it all while creating the life you want, with the freedom you desire, and with work that lights you the F up!

We’ll spend 3 months in the R.ealigned D.ietitian Mastermind. I will teach, you will learn. I will mentor you – and you will grow. And together we move to build your business exactly the way you want. Because you don’t need to work your ass off in someone else’s idea of a business. You can create a business that feels easy, aligned, and fulfilling, on your terms.

Pay $6,000 in full now

Pay in 2 split payments (30 days apart) of $3150