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The Mediterranean Diet – What’s All The Hype?

Guest blog by Winthrop University student, Zachary Scott We all want to live longer, healthier, higher quality lives. However, those of us who live in America and much of the western developed world have seen

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Common Health Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Guest blog by Your Fitness Dietitian intern Amanda LaPorte. Follow Amanda on Instagram. Do you feel like you have been doing all the “right” things but are still underperforming? Maybe you are getting injured more

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Nutrition for Muscle Growth

Guest post by Winthrop University nutrition student, Zachary Scott Picture a stereotypical healthy physique. What comes to mind? Healthy is a very subjective term, but the majority of us would envision an athletic, muscular physique.

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Your Gut Microbiome – Ever Think About It?

Guest blog post by Winthrop University Nutrition Intern, Zachary Scott Go ahead and place your hand on your tummy. You may feel a little rumble if you have skipped breakfast, or a little distention if

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Intermittent Fasting – Advantage or Detriment to Your Workouts?

Guest blog contributed by Your Fitness Dietitian intern Amanda LaPorte. You can find Amanda on Instagram at @theflexing_flexitarian Tired of seeing fad diets everywhere? Yeah, me too. As tiring as it might be to see everything getting

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Tips for Running in the Summer Heat

If you’re a runner, you know that the first thing you check before heading out for a run is the weather. Is it raining? Is it hot? What’s the humidity? And if you’re a seasoned

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Hydration & Why Your Pee Matters

It’s summertime up here in the northern hemisphere, guys. And pretty much anywhere in the US will get hot over the next few months. The number 1 easiest thing you can do to support your

Vanilla Blueberry Smoothie

Do you ever not feel like eating after a hard workout? Well you know you need to, right? The first 30-60 minutes after a workout are your body’s prime window for refueling! But sometime the

Tahini & Coconut Tofu

{Insert really long paragraph and personal story about “why tofu” and “omg this one time at this restaurant we had this aaaaah-mazing tofu and it made me want to recreate it…” Psych. Literally no one

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How Much Protein Is Too Much?

by guest blogger George Grunfelder, 4th year nutrition student, Winthrop University It seems like no matter what dietary approach you hear about, one thing tends to be agreed upon. Protein is king. Regardless of what