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Welcome to YFD nutrition –
where we’re all about merging performance, function & your active lifestyle through tangible nutrition.

Are you training for a race? Starting a strength journey? Planning an outdoor adventure? Or even just looking to support your everyday activity & demands while living your busy life?

Do you want to get to the bottom of nutrient needs, GI distress, exhaustion, and potential root causes hampering your performance & desire for a nourished life?

Then let’s dive in.

If you’ve got a body and you move it with purpose, chances are we’ve worked with someone just like you.

If you’re serious about reaching your goals, let’s focus on nourishment. Let’s focus on fuel. Let’s get to your fitness & performance nutrition goals in a realistic, sustainable manner that leaves you simply enjoying food. Let’s make sure your intrinsic nutrition needs are met, and your body is primed to accept what you are giving it. Let’s address the whole body through functional nutrition to get you to an active life well lived.

Your nutrition can & should elevate your performance, your health, and your daily life. The problem is that what you’ve been told in the media about how nutrition works is mostly wrong. Let’s focus on your body, your goals, and your needs based on your lifestyle and your individual body.

We work with active adults and athletes of all caliber – from everyday warriors to elite competitors – to reach health & performance fueling goals.

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